CatchyClip Magnetic Key Chains


 "If I lose my keys in my purse one more time
                           I'll scream!"

     No more fumbling through the mess to find your keys...
     The easy grab magnet will keep them right at your fingertips...
     You can't get more organized than this!!
     Great for kids' backpacks, too!
How do CatchyClips work?
Your CatchyClip has 2 magnets that are so strong they’ll keep your keys where you can find them!
1 magnet is on an alligator clip that you will clip inside your purse, backpack, computer case.
The 2nd magnet is on your keychain. Put the 2 together and your keys will hang securely safely inside your purse so you can just reach in and grab them when you need them!
Want to use it for your Store Cards? Simply punch a hole in the card (avoiding the magnetic strip), and put them on the included ring. You'll love how organized you'll be!

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